Location sessions/programme Venues
The conference is held at Adya Hotel, Langkawi. Conference main rooms and concurrent sessions will take place at Adya 1 – Adya 5.

Registration Desk and Information
The registration desk is located at the 1st floor foyer next to Adya 1 and Adya 2. For any enquiry during sessions, participants may refer to the conference committee.

Opening & Welcoming Ceremony
The Opening & Welcoming Ceremony will be held on Thursday morning, with the event beginning promptly at 9.00 am at Adya 1 and Adya 2.

Presentation and Equipment
All rooms will be equipped with laptop, a screen and LCD projector. Oral presentation will be 10 minutes in duration, with an additional 5 minutes allotted for questions and answer directly after each presentation. Speakers are advised to be on time and load their presentations to the available laptop prior to their session. Due to the volume of paper scheduled, a strict limit of 15 minutes per presenter will be imposed.

For your convenience, there will be complimentary internet access at the conference venue.

Identification Tag
Identification tag will be given to each presenter and participant at the time of registration.

Free Parking is available at the open parking facilities outside the hotel.

Refreshment and Lunch Area
The refreshment will be provided at 1st floor foyer and lunch are provided in “Jelapang Restaurant” served at 12.30 p.m.

Prayer Room
The prayer room is located at 2nd floor.

In case of emergency, please contact the following number:
Fire and Rescue Department of Langkawi: +049 6644 44/+049 6622 22
Langkawi Police Station: +049 6662 22
Jabatan Pertahanan Awam: +049 6718 04
Hospital: +049 6633 33